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    You can view and try on the collection in our atelier in Vienna. Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch soonest to confirm your appointment request.

    Address: Silbergasse 52, 1190 Vienna, Austria


    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm

    Evening appointments on request

    Price Guide


    Bridal Dress

    A wedding dress from the Valerie Kattus Bridal Collection will cost between € 2.000 to € 5.000. Each dress is made from scratch to the measurements of the bride. It is 100% made in our Viennese Atelier and is truly the result of many hours of craftsmanship and love.

    Some of our dresses are made of exquisite beaded laces. The creation process for these dresses is time-consuming due to the pearls, sequins and stones that need to be secured by hand. Those dresses will start at € 5.000. 

    We also offer our brides the possibility to mix & match among our dresses or to make changes to the original design by changing fabrics, neckline, sleeve length or the fullness of the skirt. 



    A Valerie Kattus Dirndl starts at € 800. You have the possibility to personalize your Dirndl by adding hand sewn trimmings to the neckline – a Valerie Kattus specialty! Adding a „Herzerlrüsche“, a „Froschgoscherl“ or a „Brezelrüsche“ will cost between € 150 to € 400.   

    We also offer you the possibility of creating your own customized Dirndl fabric by choosing not only the colour, the material (cotton, linen, silk) but also the design (flowers, dots, etc.) out of a catalogue with countless options. This fabric will then be made just for you in Tyrol in Austria – those Dirndls start at € 1.050.


    Wedding Dirndl

    Wedding Dirndls made out of our unique signature Valerie Kattus designed fabrics start at € 1.500. 



    In order to discuss your requirements, please fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you.